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In the Netherlands it is a very common name. But a Saffira will not stay in a steady place nor with just one person. Saffira- A disgusting pale whore who sleeps around with every guy she meets. She cannot find a real relationship in her own town (mostly because the boys already know she’s a slut). Her vagina is all stretched out and her boobs sag to the floor. Saffira is very fat and has rolls on her back. She has nothing special about her, very plain. Saffira lies, ALLOT! Though she may seem seam nice to talk to in written form, or on the PC, in person she is very bland (blah). A Saffira will ditch her best friends to sleep with someone she just met. Saffira IS a super slut!
1. Rob: "Hey! Do know Saffira?" Tyler: "Duh! ALL the guys do."
2. Eww! That girl is such a Saffira. Makes me wanna bitch slap her!
3. No boy REALLY likes that Saffira. They just want her for sex.
4. That girl is huge! Definitely a Saffira.
by Someone who knew a Saffira December 09, 2010

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