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A common misconception is that a prep is someone who shops at American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister and pariticpates in school sports and activites. A prep is actually one who attends a prepatory school, usually on the east coast, comes from an old rich family and dresses in labels like Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. A prep wears sweater vests, plays tennis, is a country club member and is destined for a top Ivy League school.
Person 1: Did you see that preppy girl?
Person 2: Yeah. I'll bet she's really rich.
by Someone Smarter Than You March 19, 2005

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1. a piece of shit computer that has as much reliability as a tourettes syndrome patient on the witness stand
2.used only by republicans and the extremely mentally handicapped.
3.analogy: someone who still thinks that their piece of shit Honda rice rocket can take on any car(including but not limited to: Ferrari's, Lambourghini's and anything made by Ford)
my brain cant function on a level low enough that a P.C. user would be able to comprehend
by someone smarter than you February 09, 2003

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An emo boy, is a male of any age who wears black form fitting clothes, has long, usually black, hair that covers his face and listens to music that would many anyone want to slit his wrists. Supposedly, they are sensitive and in-tune with their emotions. Mindless girls often call emo boys hot although it's impossible to tell from that huge chunk of overgreased, overdyed hair hanging in his face. Emo boys are almost as annoying as emo girls.
Girl: Wanna chill tonight?
Emo boy: Can't. I have to go write poems about my dead cat.
Girl: Go get a real hair cut.
by Someone Smarter Than You April 09, 2005

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