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*The rebuilt one to be specific.*

A disgrace to William Shakespeare himself and the theatre realm as a whole. This "theatre" desecrated Sainte Jehanne la Pucelle (Saint Joan the Maid)

of France with their play "I, Joan", and puts unnecessary trigger warnings and suicide helplines to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, a play known for the damn suicides.

Like dear, imagine being traumatized by this production of Shakespeare's R and J... It's just like Romeo+Juliet by Luhrmann with guns, blackwashed Romeo and Giulietta and stuff. Hungary's Rómeó és Júlia for example is literally far more deranged in all aspects, but they offer no trigger warnings, and it's not even a Shakespeare play. It's a musical. This " Globe Theatre" is absolutely ridiculous.
Woke theatre kid: Joan of Arc is non-binary! I know it all along!
Sane theater lover: Did you go to the Globe Theatre?
Woke theatre kid: Yes! I even watched their Romeo and Juliet! Love it because the couple are represented by blacks! Yay diversity! Also, they offer trigger warnings and helplines too. They're so generous for my gentle mind.
Sane theatre lover: If you think St. Joan is non-binary, then I would recommend you to read the REAL story of her. She's a woman, not non-binary. Also, do you think their R and J is so deranged, it needs the nonsense helplines and TWs?
Woke theatre kid: *drools* Yes! Its bloody, which can upset some people.
Sane theatre lover: *smirks* Try to watch the musical Rómeó és Júlia and come back to me a day later.

A day later...

Sane theatre lover: Hey, how's the musical?
Woke theatre kid: *suicide scene flashbacks*
by Some Guy in the Taven September 16, 2023
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"Romeo et Juliette: de la Haine a La'Amour" is a French musical adaptation of Shakespeare's Tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" by Gerard Presgurvic featuring the the Montagues and Capulets looking like minions from League of Legends, a death persona, Baguette, Romeo with long hair, Baguette, Juliet singing like an angel and many more. The downside is... It's written in French.
This Romeo et Juliette musical has a Juliet with an angelic voice. If only her acting complements it...
by Some Guy in the Taven September 6, 2023
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This (Full name: Classic Shakespearean Romeo) interpretation often follows the Shakespearean Tragedy as a guide, and as a result, most of the actors who did this interpretation often falls flat and outright boring. Those who nailed this, well... IDK. I've never seen actors who nailed this interpretation, as I think it's far harder to portray than its counterpart, Dark Romeo.

(To be honest with you reader, I hate Classic Romeo.)
Dyl: Do you like Romeo in Romeo and Juliet?
Phyl: Yes, but not the one in the Shakespearean Play. It's a Classic Romeo, and it never fails to give me the worst kind of cringe ever known to man.
by Some Guy in the Taven September 9, 2023
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Oftentimes the face of the vile pop music record labels. They're often attractive (Guy with abs or a lady with an hourglass body), as they often sell their bodies through Music Videos (MVs) while singing some mediocre song (Often not of their own making) with flashy presentation to gain millions, or even billions of views from mostly stupid, gullible teens who never know a thing about what makes a good song, let alone music.

They're mostly terrible people in real life with diva personality or just outright obnoxious behavior, and yet their fans never question their devotion to these "idols", as they often treat them like gods.

These "performing artists" often promote vices and sexualization with vulgar words to the mix, resulting to them acting like spoiled, hideous idiots.

To conclude this, NEVER choose a popstar as your role model. Ever.
Brittany: oMG!!!! Nicki Minaj is the best artist ever!!!!!

Dyl: Popstars are often shitty people armed with autotune, Brittany.

Phyl: You better search for actually good songs before that crap damages your brain beyond repair.
Dyl: And besides, Nicki is a shit person anyway. Why waste your money on her?
Brittany: You guys can lick mah ass! NICKI FOR THE WIN!!!!!!
Dyl and Phyl: *facepalm*
by Some Guy in the Taven October 11, 2023
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An interpretation of Romeo Montague from Romeo and Juliet that features the guy having dark and creepy tendencies. It ranges from stalker-like behavior to going full nuts after losing his Juliet.

The 1982 Romeo and Juliet film and the Hungarian adaptation of Gerard Presgurvic's Romeo et Juliette: De La Haine a L'Amour had this kind of Romeo interpretation as one of their main flavor.
Dyl: Saw Romeo and Juliet today in a community theatre. The Romeo is kind of creepy, yet very romantic.
Phyl: He must be a Dark Romeo.
by Some Guy in the Taven September 7, 2023
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This thing exists when people (Often woketards) don't want to grasp the grand theatre of reality and make up something that makes them feel good. This results in disconnection to reality itself, segregation based on this made-up words, and the obsession of constant positive affirmation. Mentally ill people often use this to make themselves feel special, and dear, this leads to worse outcomes.
Starbucks Lady: I use the Fae/Faer neopronoun because I feel I am special. I think I am a faefolk in my past life.

Faefolk: You are delusional! The Fae are never human, and you are one! Prepare to be cursed! You are a disgrace to your kind! *Banishes the Starbucks Lady*
by Some Guy in the Taven September 16, 2023
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The woke musical adaptation of Romeo and Juliet featuring a neofeminist blackwashed Juliet, an annoying Romeo (Not him of all...), the Francois bullshit, the non-binary nonsense and a shitty journey after she escaped the tomb. Combine it with flashing lights, lazily-made mashup of mainstream pop music, cringy costume designs, out-of-place "necromancy" (They revived damn Romeo like God... Just give him the rest he deserved.) and dopamine triggers and it becomes a hit in Broadway and West End. A desecration of Da Porto, Bandello and Shakespeare's work. The ultimate sacrilege.
Karyn, the Woketard: &Juliet rocks! Broadway never fails to make a good Romeo and Juliet musical... I mean a Juliet musical because no Romeo this time. Girl Power!
Phyl, a Shakespeare R and J fan: That musical can suck my dick. An insult to Shakespeare.
Dyl, a Rómeó és Júlia fan: They turned Romeo of all things into a jerk... What a sacrilege. Also, Broadway is just overrated for me.
Karyn, the Woketard: You guys are just whiny haters. & Juliet for the win!
Dyl and Phyl: *facepalm*
by Some Guy in the Taven September 16, 2023
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