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Tennesse is a southern state landlocked by eight states. They are Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. The state is divided into three general areas; West Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and East Tennessee.

It is a beautiful state filled with breathtaking sights. Huge mountain ranges, rolling hills, deep valleys, glistening lakes and rivers, blue skies, open fields, caves, and amazing wildlife! In fact, Tennessee is the state with the most caves! There are 8,350 to date. There are also many preserved areas for the peoples enjoyment. There are fifty-four state parks.

My Opinions:
Tennesse has a high Christian percentage but, of course, this does not mean that we all have holier-than-thou attitudes! Many of the people you would find here are kind individuals willing to help you with directions since your Northern brain cannot seem to comprehend our highly intelligent system of winding, dirt roads! We aren't afraid to go trekking into the woods at two o'clock in the morning to go hunting or wake up at three a.m. to hook the boat up to the truck! Tennesseans are hardy and kind people. (Not saying that people from other states aren't!) Tennessee has a raw, natural charm that captures many hearts. That's why we are a major capital of music and scenery.

Not ALL of us enjoy the outdoorsy activities though! (Oh, and most of us know that our football team isn't the best. At least some us are able to stick up for the losing team instead of running to the winning team with our tail between our legs.) There are plenty of us who enjoy logging onto the internet and totally proving people wrong about our fair state! Thank you for reading! Perhaps I've changed your mind about us...?
Steven: "I need a new vacation spot. The beach is getting so tiresome..."

Mary: "Have you ever been to Tennessee? It's full of fun things to do and pretty scenery."

Steven: "Pfft. No. It's full of hicks and it's boring."

Mary: "Wow... You've never been more wrong in your LIFE. To think I was your friend!"
by SlytherinSoul/ Inwe/ Crissy March 26, 2008

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