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Referring to a car, it is a car whose cosmetics look like it's stock and slow and one assumes there is a small engine under the hood. Only when it is challenged by a ricer or another car, it shows its mighty by leaving the other car in a cloud of smoke because it has either a huge engine from the factory or has a swapped engine from a bigger car or has tons of engine modifications.

A sleeper is is the perfect example of this acronym "All bite, no bark."
It is a sleeper dude, that is what it meant to do, shock you by its speed and power you never thought it had.
by Sleepers are the S*** July 15, 2011

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"R" acing "I" nspired "C" osmetic "E" nhancements

Usually done on small cars, I.E. 4 cylinder imports and domestic. Every so often you see a car that is legit but is ruined by the driver with what is about to be said. These cars have almost to no performance enhancements, they just look like they are fast. As in, putting on stickers that make them seem legit. Like VTEC Mustang, a Turbo sticker on a small Toyota, and pop the hood and there is no sight of a turbocharger.

The typical ricer driver is cocky and does not realize that he/she in fact does not have the fastest car, but the slowest car in the lot and does not know a thing about cars and the mechanics.

Cosmetic enhancements for a typical ricer would be a huge body kit that looks stupid, sometimes the body kit is left unpainted. If no body kit, graphics and a big spoiler.

Cars that are typically riced:

1. Honda Civic (old ones)
2. Chevrolet Cavalier
3. Dodge Neon

Cars that are legit out of the factory, but riced anyway:
1. Ford Mustang
2. Chevy Camaro
3. Nissan 350Z
Those don't exist, just stop talking, you are a ricer.
by Sleepers are the S*** July 15, 2011

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