4 definitions by Skyblue

Fricken awesome song by da foos that got them popular
monkey wrench has a really cool music video
by Skyblue April 19, 2004
An extremely attractive male who is single due to some strange personality trait.
Person A: Oh my god, that guy must be a sex god of somesort.
Person B: Oh no he's an Iku.
by Skyblue December 10, 2004
Where a girl gives a guy a blow job in a stairwell.
Mike: Hey Karen, wanna give me adub after school? ;)

Karen: Sure!
by Skyblue November 22, 2012
Liovi is the most wonderful person you will ever meet Jonathan is so lucky to have her and she is amazing smart hardworking and to have sister like nataila and julissa
by Skyblue March 22, 2018