6 definitions by Skip Mendler

alt. spelling "fematized"

1. (of people) Traumatized by dealings with FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) after a natural disaster.
2. (of government agencies) Made impotent or useless.
3. (of houses or other buildings) Demolished by FEMA.
(heard on "All Things Considered," National Public Radio, 27 Feb 2006)
"Man, my whole neighborhood been FEMAtized, man!"

"Shit, man, whole damn government been FEMAtized!"
by Skip Mendler February 27, 2006
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Abbreviation for "Finance Minister"; usually used in newspaper headlines
New Japan finmin: downturn exceeding expectations
by Skip Mendler February 17, 2009
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Having more time commitments than one actually has time for
Harvey realized he was clockrupt when it dawned on him that he had committed himself to be at the sales meeting on the exact afternoon of Suzie's recital.
by Skip Mendler January 12, 2006
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(lit. "fear of the camel's nose") Psychological condition characterized by strong negative emotional reactions, not to what is actually happening at the moment, but to something that might possibly happen in the future if the present behaviors, circumstances, etc. are allowed to continue. (From the old story about a camel putting its nose into a tent, and eventually taking over the entire tent.)
Jim: "I tell you, if we don't stop these immigrants now, pretty soon we'll all be forced to speak Spanish all the time, eat nothing but bean tacos, listen to mariachi music all day, and do the Mexican hat dance! We real Americans will be outnumbered! Our culture will be overwhelmed!"

Tim: "Whoa, that's some serious camelonasophobia, dude."
by Skip Mendler January 28, 2006
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Term coined by San Francisco columnist Dan Savage for the "frothy mixture of lubricant and fecal matter resulting from anal intercourse."
It's a wonder that Rick Santorum hasn't sued Dan Savage for making up the term "santorum" - but he probably doesn't want the kind of publicity that would result.
by Skip Mendler January 26, 2006
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