3 definitions by Skip Leo

A well apportioned set of boobs, pushed up with a good bra, that makes the female look like she's got a nice set of buns on her chest.
Check out the chest butt on that turbo
by Skip Leo May 11, 2012
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A chick with a cellulite coated ass, full of dimples. It looks like she just was sitting in a gravel driveway.
That chick in the red bikini looked good from the front, then she walked past and I saw she had a gravel driveway.
by Skip Leo April 09, 2008
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Similar to a "Dutch Oven". Farting in a completely enclosed auto. It is essential that the offender have access to complete control of the windows and doors. Hop in your car with a friend, unload your methane cargo, and lock all windows and doors, giving your friend a "Dutch Car",
Went to Taco Bell over lunch, on our way to a 3:00 meeting, I gave Jimmy a Dutch Car. He wasn't too happy.
by Skip Leo February 05, 2009
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