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Home to rednecks and beaners alike, wishes that it had class like Golden. BTW you idiot coors brewing company isn't in Wheat Ridge you Wheat Tard its in Golden. Wheat Ridge High School is home to many douche bags who suck at lacrosse and like vandalizing things. The residents of this town usually lack class, manners, good looks, intelligence, and for the males cocks.

Also home to inbreds, white trash, and faggots like Conrad.

Golden and RV typically own these trailor trash bastards in all sports except for one year in football but it aint gonna happen again DEMONS GOIN TO STATE BABY!
WRHS student: Hey dude lets go get wasted and hit on some 13 year olds
Golden Student: No way you douche bag Wheat Tard go get a life and a fast food job you'll need the experience later in life.

Example two
WRHS student: Dude Golden and Ralston Valley suck.
Golden and RV students: at least were not some dumb inbred piece of shit you White Trash piece of Wheat Ridge shit
by Ski Colorado baby April 15, 2007

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