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Another term for infantry.
Sgt.Random:Basicaly, we're mud crunchers.

Recruit:come again?

*boots the recruits face

Sgt.Random:where's the "sir"?
by sir mix-alot August 25, 2007

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a term used to describe people who listens to emo,its technicaly wrong to call a person an emo,since emo is a kind of music(genre).
Me:Hey look at that emo-er,crying again.
Billy:Yeah I bet his girl dumped him again.
*Some guy:whats an emo-er?
Me:A guy who litens to emo.
*Some guy:Your supposed to call him emo.
Me:Oh,since when did humans become genre?
by Sir mix-alot June 24, 2007

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an extremely severe addiction to stereophonics characterized by altered moods,insomnia,and poor apettite,probably the worst mental problem to slap the earth.
Emo-dude:see that guy over there?he's been like in his room for like 72 hours!He's into stereophonism!

Emo-guy:yeah,with no food and water,he's really a stereophoniac.not to mention sleeping.

by Sir mix-alot June 26, 2007

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a person who is addicted to stereophonics.
stereophoniac:I bought all of this stuffs,souvenirs and all of their albums,oh,and i also got their one-of-a-kind stereophonics super sticker.I wonder when they're going to release a new album *sob
by Sir mix-alot June 26, 2007

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Another term used to describe infantry.Widely used during world war 1 as based on the war film The Lost Batallion
Sgt.Random:If you hear something whisles from the notch,get on the ground.

the next day...

Pvt.Loco:sir,look,we've just lost 26 men from german artilery!
Sgt.Random:Those gravel-agitated bastards,I told them to get on the ground!
by sir mix-alot August 25, 2007

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An.ass-maniac.who.rapidly.fucks.her mate's ass,enough for friction to set in.
"If you know a kind of person like that,he's probably an Arse-sonist"
by sir mix-alot September 04, 2007

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