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To exercise, workout, or in other words lift weights with your homie.
Ey brah , the yards open let's go get this cheddar.
by Sir droski420 March 25, 2016

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Oxycontin Generation. People who were growing up or around when the " non addictive " painkiller oxycontin came out. People who lived and fought the drug for most of their lives.
All my friends are dead and I ruined my life, I'm truly just glad to be sober and alive, gosh darn Oxy Gen.
by Sir droski420 September 07, 2018

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An individual who has gone beyond the call of duty in the world of cannabis smuggling. One who is solid in all aspects, and has moved at least 100 kilos throughout their career. A real runner who never sweats. Lastly the person must be certified by the state of Ohio as a felony trafficker.
Between all the Michigan and Cali trips Kevin's kept Columbus supplied for years, the state should give the Traffic King those 4 bricks back when it's finally legal.
by Sir droski420 September 07, 2018

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