5 definitions by Sir B.Killa

When someone is Gee'ed out and goes into an unconcious and un responsive deep sleep.
This is more of a type of nap that u ain't gon' wake up from until your body is ready...PERIOD!
3x that of a rest when on xanax.
A "coma-toast" state of mind; Also referred to as "swirling out" or being "Gee'ed out" which is the result of too much GammaHydroxyButyrate consumption.
Tim: "Hey where is Mick?"
John: "Idk man last time I seen her she was on the floor taking a little Cap-nap from the water ol' boy sold her?"
by Sir B.Killa September 24, 2019
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A. Hollerin' ya name to someone simply asking who they were speaking to.
B.Your homie or boy you're cool wit
Who is this?
Itsyaboy: (i.e. "African american name" ) and will be however dramatic and however drastic to whom is saying it calls for.
by Sir B.Killa February 04, 2019
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Yooo that girl Leann will never be able to keep a relationship mann, Its just all she does and all she is is a total freakin S.M.S. !
by Sir B.Killa December 09, 2019
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A needle junkie, one who prefers to rob / do shiesty fs, to the people who do nothing less but look out for and constantly bless these crazies. According to local tweakers / ( twacked-out / geekers, ) 98% of all needle junkies and/or "shotiis'". You can not trust them with a dollar. It will go towards thier next sharp point. Maybe ching-ching.
He left that shotii alone at your house; (gets home to the house SWEPT CLEAN!)
by Sir B.Killa October 29, 2018
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When one is in deep geek mode and way off twack, their just EVERYWHERE! Days past time they shoulda gone to bed. Usually due to the addictive abuse of methamphetamines/Or any member of the amphetamine family.. moving so fast from the couch back to the window, to the walls, then to the carpet, and before u know it they're goin so hard sweat STEADY BE rollin off they balls! Lol cuz now they back to the blinds justa GEEKIN AN PEEKIN!?! What for, you may ask?..

Well.... anything from wigglin on the police, the feds, another play, another jugg, an unknown face(s), bigfoot, nessy, a plug named jessie, ya momma, the time of day, or just nonstop on and on str8^downleft&right... all damn night. left behind or dropped on accident.

Usually all they ever come up with is proof of everyday carpet trash. Such as: fuzzies, toenail clilpings, dandruff, a piece of hair(s) from god only knows who's or who's pet's nappy ass body . Basically anything that resmbles a shard. and if theyre lucky Shadows and traces of the I.T.F (Imaginary Task Force
Dude " get dale he's got his left shoe on my couch and his right one in my dishwasher. Wtf help him hes wiggling out the window and he's gotta be at work in an hour.
by Sir B.Killa October 26, 2019
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