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The process goes something like this the doctor inserts a tube into the womb where upon he finds the baby. If the baby is small enough it is then sucked through the tube and therefore dies. If it it is too large then the doctor uses various instruments to mash apart the baby soft premature body thereby causing the baby horrendous amounts of pain. (The baby is known to have feelings because when touched by the head of the sucker it moves away from it and cowers in the womb.) The baby's head is usually last thing to come through the tube due to the thickness of the skull. This process is proven due to a ultrasound of the abortion. The abortionist was shown the ultrasound footage and never did another abortion. Watch the movie The Silent Screams for this footage.
The mom could have have let the baby grow up and become a living person, but instead she decided to play god and end the unborn's life via abortion.
by Silentscreams July 09, 2009
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