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Goth is when you hate the world.

Emo is when the world hates you.
An example of the difference between Goth and Emo.

Goth: I hate you all! I don't like anybody! I hope you burn in the eternal flames of hell! DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL!!

Emo: I hate myself! Nobody likes me! I feel like I'm burning in the eternal flames of hell! Death to all but My Chemical Romance!
by Sie Blutet September 10, 2010

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When you find someone on the Internet, most likely on Omegle or Chatroulette or possibly an online forum, who appears to be so tailor-made for you that you develop a crush on them.
An Omegle-based dramatization:

You: Female here

Stranger: Male

You: Cake and grief counseling will be provided at the end of the testing period.

Stranger: The cake is a lie.

You: ZOMG! Netcrush! Add me on Facebook. <3
by Sie Blutet September 06, 2010

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