3 definitions by Shinobi Ranger

The Krampuses retard brother who comes out on boxing day. His hobbies include fucking sheep, public masturbation and singing. The Crumbus is often confused for a welshman due to its interest in beastiality.
Ren: "Holy shit, that welshman is raping a sheep." Phineas: "Dont worry. Its just The Crumbus. He's retarded."
by Shinobi Ranger May 27, 2016
Fucking delicious crisps (chips) that comes in a can. They come in many awesome flavour and are fucking expensive. Perfect for one person, not good for sharing.
'Yo, Joey. Gimme those fuckin pringles.'
'Get your own you fat piece of shit.'
by Shinobi Ranger December 23, 2015