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A Hispanic bitch who likes to steal guys from other girls even though she already has a boyfriend. She does this by acting like she's this shy, defenseless flower who doesn't have a lot of friends. Then she starts flirting with the guy senselessly, then gradually giving the guy her number so they can talk more when your not around.

Extra Notes:

- She'll flatter your boyfriend by calling him her "best friend"

- She'll text him nonstop

- She'll act nice to you infront of your boyfriend, but will act like you don't exist when he's not around.

- Causes lots of drama and crying, sad girlfriends
Jenny: Daniela stole my boyfriend!

Amy: It's alright, you were too good for him anyway!

Jenny: Thanks, I feel so much better :D
by ShimmyShimmyShakeShake August 14, 2009

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