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A form of cauliflower ear, but instead it’s caused by sleeping on your side with AirPods in, which exerts pressure on the external auditory meatus and can cause painful swelling. Can also be caused by simply wearing AirPods in for ungodly amounts of time. Despite the pain, most victims still keep on wearing their AirPods. All attempts by others to get the victims to reduce their AirPod use usually prove futile.
Clementine: Jezis Chroist m8, wots tha nahsty swellin in ya eh-oh

Danny Drinkwater: oh it’s nuffin reallay, just a bit of AirPod ear
by Shattered heavens June 11, 2020

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To fight someone or beat someone up.
I'll really get active on you. I swear to God!
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by Shattered heavens April 06, 2017

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Someone who is 6’4”, 205 lbs, and possesses godly striking built from years upon years of kickboxing experience. His favorite thing to do is clip roidhead bodybuilders on the way in. “Claaw” is how low IQ tren junkies say “clown”.
BJJ “black belt”: I weeu be waiting for Adezhanya... (brain processing)... skinny claaw Adezhanya... (brain continues to buffer) vs Whittekur.
by Shattered heavens October 03, 2020

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Like old man strength, milf legs are only achievable at a certain age. Milf legs are smoking hot appendages that can be found attached to a milf. Not every woman can achieve this form, as milf legs are a result of a combination of genetics, presentation, and careful use during a woman’s younger years. They are usually shaven, properly moisturized, and have this aged glow that gives them their unique look. The calves and thighs must be relatively medium sized, toned, rounded and supple, and not overly large or muscular. A milf is usually aware of her milf legs, and accentuates their appearance by wearing clothing that will attract attention to them. She will also wear stilettos, and cross her legs whenever possible. Milf legs are a sight for sore eyes, you will know when you see one.
Dude, I know Becky is my girlfriend, but I just can’t stop thinking about her mom’s perfect set of milf legs
by Shattered heavens June 26, 2020

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