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Also referred to by myself as well as others as "New Britain High Penitentiary". Students are required to wear their ID cards around their neck (with their picture on BOTH sides of the card). Some like to think of them more as mugshots than ID cards. Even though there is a dress code indicated in the handbooks given to every student, the girls at NBHS apparently have trouble reading and comprehending the English language, as they still insist on wearing mini skirts, midriffs, and very low-cut shirts (even the girls that have obvious weight problems). Many students and teachers claim that whenever they walk into certain parts of the school, they start feeling sick which is no doubt the effects of all the mold and dust around the building.
It's quite easy to skip a class without getting caught - all you have to do is hang out in the new wing where there are less guards (if any at all). If you're a short person, your chances of getting squashed or "stepped on" in the halls are very high since they tend to get very crowded. This also causes problems during fire drills. If there were really a serious fire in the school, a lot of the kids wouldn't make it out in time due to the amount of time it takes to get over 3,000 kids out of a three-story building.
Some students find it funny to squirt ketchup and mustard on the railings in the stairways and stand by and watch as people get it all over their hands. A day without at least one fight breaking out is a great accomplishment for NBHS, and so is a month without any lock-downs or bomb threats. When there is a food fight, more police cars show up at the school than when there's a bomb threat.
Therapist: "So what exactly are you here for?"

Client: "I go to New Britain High School."

Therapist: *spills coffee* "I can't help you. Go home."
by Shannon (aka "Penguin") September 23, 2007
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