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adj. ross·er, ross·ome
n. ross·ity, ross·ness

1. Of or pertaining to something, that, by the carefully judged standards of a select few individuals, is very cool and awesome
2. But not just normally awesome, it is a special kind of awesome that I wouldn't really expect you to understand unless you have truly felt the power of something ross in your life.
3. When you feel that something might be ross, you should consult me and I will tell you if it is or isn't.
4. Of course it's slightly subjective, but not really.
5. Some common misconceptions link this word to the stupid Friends character Ross. This is patently untrue. It has nothing to do with him, especially because he is not ross. The word is derived from the maniacal babblings of the Ealy family.
"Man, that DMB concert at Randall's Island was ross."
"I met this guy and he is rossome."
"Sometimes I am so cool it's hard to comprehend my own rossity."
by Shannon Ealy May 08, 2007

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Short for "Balls On My Face," indicating extreme displeasure and annoyance arising from some situation

Also short for actual balls being on your face.
"Dude I was just thinking about how it is bomf that you are not going to be in NJ this summer."
"Put your bomf"
by Shannon Ealy May 12, 2007

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