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Wud up doe?!?! Id jus liketa say dat i cin speak bof ebonics an english so damn good. fa reel tho i am like da most bilingual motha in this bitch. So as all yall cin see rite bout now dat i cin speak n unda stand ebonics...I am a white female from Detroit, now dont be afraid, im not dangerous most white peple cant but im def so so special fa reel do. i spell "the" as tha and usuaally replace my ths with a d an all that otha shyt. i be listenin to rap an hip hop all tha time....tho sometihmes my whiteness comes out an i find myself listenin to Hilary Duff...ay dont blame me, im only 16. Dis iz a big acomplishment fa some1 mah age to be able to speak dese 2 languigiz yeeeeaaaa u kno how i do. i be smokin blunts wit mah homegirls an sum fine ass niggaz...ay, dont be hatin...im mo black den mos ov yall....but den on tha oda side, i cin be as white as yew want me ta be... i onli speak ebonics around mah girls and may homis. but around family, i gotsta keep it white and PG 13 ya kno. cuz dey dont kno. Dey jus don kno. but i kno u kno, u kno? haha, naw...but i rite to much. U kno how we do it in tha D u kno fa reel. but im bout ta go make me some Ramen Noodlz and buy me some hot cheetos an go watch BET an den afta dat im prolly bout ta jus go play basketball in da alley on da souf side haha, u kno!!! aiight den, so peace out homez. Adios haha naw, idk
Do yall realli need mo exampuls of ebonics??? fa reel now. i mean come on. all dem ppl do who be sayin ta add izzle and shit like dat..i just wanna say to all u white ppl out derr who cant speak wit da hood, dat we dont say dat...so jus lettin y;all kno, but uh im boutsta be out do....but mah name aint really Shaniqua, im just fronin. haha peace
by Shaniqua haha March 11, 2006

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