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Silvia, Nissan

A car produced by Nissan as a classy yet affordable sport coupe. Though the Nissan Silvia has beginnings in the '70's, it didn't really pick up popularity until the 's' chassis reached 13, 14, and the most recent s15 chassis (s12's are now gaining some popularity, but the s13 is by far the most famous silvia chassis). Never released in the states, it became very popular in japan as the sport of drifting started taking off. The 2 wheel rear drive drivetrain and perfect weight to power balance made this car amazing for the sport!

The Nissan Silvia came in three different trim levels starting in 1988 when the s13 chassis was released. These are the J's, Q's, and K's trims.
J's was the base model, non turbo engine (ca18de from '88-'90 and sr20de from '91 and on) and lacked sunroof or power windows.
Q's was the next step up, though still NA, this trim level brought power windows, HUD, and a sunroof into the picture
K's was the highest trim level, featuring a turbo engine (ca18det from '88-'90 and sr20det from '91 and up), and had power everything, like the Q's trim.

The s14 brought with it another useless trim level which most, oddly enough, seem to be misinformed in thinking is greater then the K's...
ALMIGHTY was the new trim level that the s14 chassis brought with it. It is much like the us Nissan 240sx LE trim level. It featured power everything, like the Q's and K's, and leather interior, which was new to the Silvia world. However, the ALMIGHTY trim lacked a turbo charged engine, and came with the non turbo sr20de.

The Nissan Silvia s15 chassis brought along yet another new trim, abolishing the 'card suit' trim levels, it used standard trim, offering only a turbo charged sr20det. Also available was the new trim 'SpecV' which, like all SpecV Nissans, included a much desired six speed transmission.

These Silvia chassis car were released in the states under the 200sx (S12 Silvia and Gazelle) and 240sx model names (The s13 240sx came in coupe or fastback variety in the states, the fastback was also released in Japan under the 180sx model name. It featured popup headlights just like in the states. The s13 coupe is the same as a Silvia with a 180sx front end) The s14 chassis was also released stateside. The s15 chassis, however, was released only in Japan, and later in Australia and parts of Europe with an engine equivalent to an s13 sr20det redtop for some reason.

"Wow, that US 240sx looks teh sex with that s13 silvia front end on it!"

"You're US 240sx coupe could use a JDM silvia front end, your Chuki 180sx front makes me gag."
by Shane Bommaslime! August 09, 2006
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