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1. When something stupid and annoying happens to you.
2. When a stupid and annoying person pesters you for more than two seconds.
Uhh, freaking retardation... people kept knocking me down in P.E.
by Sgt. Gemstone March 02, 2007

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What happens if a dead cow isn't hauled off to be processed into meat fast enough. They are usually green and smell like mold. Certain people can turn into Zombie Cows when murdered, if they are fat enough or are extremely dim-witted.
I clubbed the cow in the head and it fell like a rock, but no one came to cut it up so it turned into a Zombie Cow.
by Sgt. Gemstone March 03, 2007

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1. Something that is in a square-like shape; a box.
2. Describing a nerd; someone who lets their mother pick out their clothes or never participates in anything daring or fun.
The bookshelf is rather square-ular.
by Sgt. Gemstone March 02, 2007

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1. One who has many character traits.
2. Describing one who is confused or has frequent "blonde moments."
3. A talented, well-rounded being, often meaning that he/she is stuck-up or a show off, and often very hypocritical.
4. One who is very smart or bright, often misunderstood, yet gets along with everyone.
5. Of or pertaining to randomness.
Chick: Did you go see that one-man-show?
Dude: Yeah! That was awesome! But he was so freaking stupid!
Chick: I know! He was so allerviciant!
by Sgt. Gemstone March 02, 2007

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