5 definitions by Sex God

Verb1: To chew out one's ass as in a sexual format.
Verb2: To chew out one's ass in a fighting manor.
1) While performing cunnillingus on a female sexual partner, the giver would also perform anallingus on the rectil area to stimulate other organs.
2) Get in a verbal fight with often use of vulgar and profane words.
by Sex God May 05, 2005
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Jizz, sperm, cum, or the white stuff you ejaculate after getting a great BJ.
I gave my girl that bubble yum last night, right in her mouth.
by Sex God June 14, 2006
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One of the biggest bitches alive.
Teaches Spanish at The Haverford School.
Everyone hates her and wishes she was dead but she still teaches.
Has at least 5 chins and 2 inches of white makeup.
Brought a real cool kid to the Honor Council last year for skipping class once.
Laserna sucks Ben Rein's dick.
by Sex God April 11, 2005
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A loser who goes to EA or Episcopal Academy and was the only guy to star on MTV's My Supper Sweet 16. Also wore like 5 Lacoste polos popped at once. Also got sick drinking at least 10 redbulls.
Dude Hart's at Haverford, let's fuck him up. -Jeife
by Sex God April 11, 2005
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when a man is doing a woman anally and whispers "thats how your sister likes it" and then sees how long he can hold on
when bob was doing marissa, he pulled a dirty rodeo and got held on for a split second
by Sex God April 10, 2004
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