3 definitions by Senor Sabado

A person, place, or situation that is completely out of control; a dumpster-fire.
Have you seen Elise since she fell down those stairs at Bennigan's? She also crashed her Rav4 into an Orange Theory...She's a real babyhouse.
by Senor Sabado October 4, 2019
To discuss topics with a person that have been previously discussed but not remembered due to significant alcohol consumption.
J: Did I say anything embarrassing last night?
K: No, but do you really think M and V hooked up?
J: Interesting, I'll call you later; we'll rechat.
by Senor Sabado April 26, 2008
A number so immense that it cannot be comprehended with the human mind. So large that the word large doesn't begin to describe it. (Neither does huge, or gigantic. fyi)
No I won't lend you any more money from crack, you already owe me like a gabillion dollars.
by Senor Sabado April 7, 2005