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A wrestler/rapper, currently holds the WWe championship.
After retireing from a successful bodybuilding career, the doctor of thuganomics became a pro WWe wrestler.
Has the most in ring charisma since The Rock and is the fan's favorite wrestler at the moment.
John Cena always has the same lead up to the end of his matches..
1st- Jumping should block
2nd- sidewalk slam
3rd- U cant see me
4th- 5 knuckle shuffle
5th- pumps it uup
and 6th- FU
Did u see John Cena FU the Big show
by Secret wrestling fan November 22, 2005
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The World Wrestling Federation before those tree rootin hippies made them change their names.
Those hippies can stick their name and weed up their asses.
Hippy:"Um ur honor, um we want the WWF's name changed cos its like ours"
The Rock:"You think that should happen judge?"
Judge:"Well ye"
The Rock:"It doesn't matter what u think, ya gebrony!"
by Secret wrestling fan November 22, 2005
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The only super hero that covers up his true identity by making himself look like an oridinary human.
I'll show you
-Peter Parker- Spider-man
-Bruce Wayne- Batman
-Superman-Clarke Kent
Supermans costume did not cover his face, so its a mystery how people didnt recognise him.
Is also when you take a shit in one set of clothes and come out in another.
Man"Someone save that little girl!"
Clarke"I needa go to the bathroom"
Superman comes out.

by Secret wrestling fan November 28, 2005
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