2 definitions by Sebastian Bales

A beautiful, effeminate man. Has strong homosexual connotations. Usually implies selfishness, hysteria, "bitchiness", ingratitude, or shallow-mindedness. From Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas, lover of Oscar Wilde.
Jay threw a hissy fit when I told him I wasn't going to pay all his manicure bills - he's such a little bosie!
by Sebastian Bales May 4, 2005
Also: the act of sailing a ship closer to the wind. Because of the term's obscurity, it has been adapted from various novels in which it appears, and is used to replace more or less any word without preference.
"Well, I'm luffed (exhausted). Let's luff (go) back home."
"Stop telling me what to do, you luffing (fucking) luffer (bitch?)."
by Sebastian Bales May 4, 2005