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Berserk: to be agitated or irritated and to act violently or in frenzy.
Every time Condoleezza Rice speaks the blowflies go ‘berserk’ they always get a good feed.

In reference to Condoleezza Rice and her defence of mass genocide in Iraq!

by Sean Ambrose January 29, 2008

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Generally self righteous people, largely hypocritical and racist's that drive Volvo's that worship market forces like it is a pagan deity at Bohemia grove.

Many belong to secret societies such as the Freemasons.

Also known to sit on the P&C committees of local schools to further their political careers.
Did you see that cock-eyed geriatric in the Volvo, I bet he is heading to the lodge for a conservative fund raising gala!
by Sean Ambrose January 29, 2008

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Drivel; To have a rant often associated with delusions of grandeur.
I could just imagine the sycophantic 'drivel' spewed by this little despot while wearing his jackboots, 'Albeit macht frei' and 'if I had another term'.

In reference to John Howard, 25th Prime minister of Australia and geriatric visionary on his appointment as speaker to the Washington speaker's Bureau.
by Sean Ambrose January 18, 2008

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A person employed to remove the crusty pieces of excrement found hanging from a sheep’s arse or the pieces of excrement that are not removed by fail of personal hygiene.
I would rather eat the remnants of peas, carrots and cabbage soup contained within the ‘dags’ of a homeless mans arse then feast upon the prawns and lobsters with management at the Company Christmas party.

Or the dags on my arse feel like hemorrhoids.
by Sean Ambrose January 29, 2008

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Gadfly, Gadflies.

Social irritants immune from pesticides and rational thought.

I often feel sick when I encounter the conservative 'gadflies' that frequent this site spreading their filth, germs and rancid ideals to justify their existence!
by Sean Ambrose January 25, 2008

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