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A yoghurt face is a term for somebody with a soft face. A soft face can be defined as someone with either soft facial features, or (more insultingly) not much about them.

This term can also be seen as a sister insult to yoghurt top meaning someone who is soft in the head.

This insult is commonly used amongst silly oIrish boys with crappy hats :)
Deglan: You have soft facial features... you know what else is soft? Yoghurt.
Sarah: So you're calling me a yoghurt face?
Deglan: Well I am oIrish
Sarah: Fair nuff :)
by Sarah O'Rourke August 10, 2007

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Someone who has never been kissed.
See also fridge.
Person one: Have you ever kissed anyone before?
Person two: No, I'm still stiff.
Person one: ...Sad act
by Sarah O'Rourke March 26, 2007

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A My Chemical Romancer is a fan of the bad My Chemical Romance. This band are... pretty rubbish. But that's your oppinion! Anyway, BEWARE OF MY CHEMICAL ROMANCERS!
You can normally spot them by their clothes, which will most likely be adorned with some sort of MCR merchindise.
Sarah, Lois and Karl are walking through Manchester when they see a group of pale faced, red eyed emos wearing MCR hoodies.
'Oh shit!' Says Sarah. 'My Chemical Romancers!'
'Run for your lives, they're gonna slit your wrists,' cries Karl.
Lois makes friend with the My Chemical Romancers. What else is new?
by Sarah O'Rourke May 19, 2007

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The capital of the North (screw you Liverpool!).

The only place I know and have access to where chavs/townies aren't in the majority.

Manchester has the best shopping malls ever!

The proud home of Canal Street.

Some of the best bands come from Manchester.

Full of sexy people.
Manchester is too sexy for you.
by Sarah O'Rourke August 28, 2007

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