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An asshole town in NJ, mostly known to be completely unaware of the rest of the world because it is caught up in it's own shit. If you don't play a sport and don't own vineyard vines, there is no chance that the Westfield clan will assimilate you. It's a good public school system but most people don't even try because they know that their dad's money will back them up in life. Most kids end up going to Penn State to party. Everyone here is opinionated and isn't afraid to tell you who they voted for, but it's a problem because nobody listens to each other. Basically, get the hell out of here when you can.
Kid: "Hey where are you going to college after WHS?"
Westfield kid:"We are!"
-every senior from WHS ever

Kid: "Yeah I'm pretty worldly."
College interviewer: "Where are you from?"
Kid: "Westfield"
College interviewer: "Hahaha funny joke"

Westfielder: "Who did you vote for? Well I'll tell you who I voted for I voted for Trump because Hillary should be in jail."
"Sir, you're at McDonalds can I just take your order?"
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by Sara Fellows December 21, 2016

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