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1. Actual gender.

2. The rejection of the belief that your gender can change by merely *thinking* that you're a different gender.
A cisgender male = a male
A cisgender female = a female
by Salman Rushdie December 26, 2012

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Hero of the US Civil War. Best known for his march through Georgia, where he gave the rebel south exactly what it fucking deserved.
Have you heard the song "Marching Through Georgia"? It commemorates the brave hero General William T. Sherman.
by Salman Rushdie February 12, 2009

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A play about a bunch of self-obsessed jackasses who whine about not having any money for food, heat, or rent while simultaneously whining about how they're too good to get jobs to support themselves. The supposed 'villain' of the play is the one guy who goes out, gets a job and--get this--has the nerve to SELL the building that they live in just because they haven't paid their rent in a year and they've turned the building into a drug distribution center/whorehouse/flophouse for the homeless, even though he was only letting them stay there at drastically reduced rent out of the goodness of his heart and for the sake of their friendship.

This play is very popular with young, pretentious assholes.
Have you seen RENT? It's life changing.

Yeah I saw it. Since when is getting a job and using protection during sex a bad thing?
by Salman Rushdie October 11, 2010

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A decorative dot placed on a woman's forehead.

Meant as a bullseye for a man to aim the money shot.
Bindis make a facial so much easier.
by Salman Rushdie July 04, 2013

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An alternative name for Miracle Whip, coined by Matthew Inman of webcomic The Oatmeal.

This term is considered extremely offensive to goblins, as no one would want their cum compared to something as disgusting as Miracle Whip.
I asked for my sandwich with mayo, why the hell is it drenched in goblin cum?
by Salman Rushdie April 25, 2014

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A non-medical professional with no training who "helps" babies be born.

While midwives fell greatly in favor in the past due to modern medicine, they are currently experiencing a slight comeback because hippies are stupid.
"We're thinking about hiring a midwife for our baby instead of a licensed medical doctor."
"Enjoy your stillbirth."
by Salman Rushdie May 31, 2013

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