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The slang term for "PA" (public address) gear, or 'sound reinforcement'.
This term first became popular in 1960's Jamaica, in the reggae & dub
music scenes. King Tubby was a pioneer in the usage of custom PA systems,
so was Lee Scratch Perry. In addition to the same formula that 'rock' systems use (two or more large "main" speakers, subwoofers, mixer,
microphones) dub "soundsystems" also utilize effects & devices for excessive
sound treatment (reverbs, delays, sound effect devices, samplers, effects units, etc)

This "dub" discipline carries on today, bands like Twilight Circus
Soundsystem & Dead Panda Soundsystem hold the belief that an
artist is their own best engineer, too much is at risk with an 'outsider'
(hired PA/soundperson).

The customized nature of the modern "soundsystem" underscores the importance of sound quality to the dub &/or electronica artist.
That band last nite had a massive soundsystem. It was so loud my beer
hopped off the table.
by Saint Brendan September 8, 2007
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A dub electro band from Long Beach California. Dead Panda got their name from a BauHaus album cover. The cover of the Mask album portrays a bear with it's eyes shut.

Dead Panda released their first album "Million Dollar Gun"
in 2005 (Copyright Dead Panda 2005).

Dead Panda was also a term used by drug smugglers in the
American southwest, usually to describe a particularly heavy package.
"Dead Panda is playing at Club Spaceland tonight!"

"I'll be back in Tucson with that dead panda by midnight."
by Saint Brendan December 8, 2006
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