3 definitions by Saarne5

1. When you fuckk some girl beyond her comprehension, better then her last, better then her next.. (Cannot be self proclaimed though, must be told to by someone).
2. The best sex a girl has ever had, stated by her..
Guy 1: "Man that girl was crazy, did you hear her moaning in there.?"
Guy 2: "Yeahhh dude, I thought you were in there killing that poor girl.. Hahaha.."
Guy 3: "More like killed her life... Congrats man.."
by Saarne5 June 10, 2018
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1. A person who is constantly at the casino..

Loves to be there, can most likely convince you to go with them..

2. A person who is entertained easily at the casino & does not mind spending large amounts of money there..

3. A person who is addicted to gambling at the casino, playing a variety of different games they lose money & make money..

*Similar to a Club Rat, but at the casino..
{This is not a negative connotation}
-Paul: What you got up for today kin.?
-Mike: Not shitt, thinking about hitting some slots later, you tryna ride.?
-Paul: Nah, not this time man.. They took my money last time I went..
-Mike: Slide thru with me, I got you for a dime($100)..

-Paul: Didn't you just go out there yesterday.?

-Mike: Yeah, last few days, still up too.. Been hurting they pockets..

-Paul: Alright bet, you be on that casino rat shitt brah..
by Saarne5 February 20, 2019
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To emulsified, treat poorly, abuse so badly that the audience no longer cares to see the outcome..
Can apply to mostly anything, but mainly sports or any versus scenario, or competition..
Very disrespectful, very condescending..
Guy 1: "Yo, did Philadelphia end up catching back up after halftime.?"

Guy 2: "Bruhh, not even.. Tennessee didn't even let them score at all, I stopped watching man.."

Guy 1: "Damn, that's dark; straight up just DAWGED em'.."
Guy 3: "Yeah, it was like 45 - 0, at the end of the 3rd, just a manhandling.."
by Saarne5 August 19, 2021
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