4 definitions by S.J. Friedman

Blunt penetrating submersive trauma. Another way to define a female who just had sex and is completely exhausted.
I feel like I'm suffering from B.S.P.T.! I'm completely drained and wiped out from the really long nookie session I just had.
by S.J. Friedman October 11, 2005
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A term commonly used among EMT's, Paramedics, and Firefighters to describe someone who has just been laid.

A term used to describe the act of having sex.

A term used to describe the a type of trauma commonly suffered by those who have just been penetrated in a sexual manner (i.e. BLUNT=penis; PENETRATING=the act of sex; SUBMERSIVE=entering someone with a blunt tipped penis or other phalic-like object; and TRAUMA=the resulting condition).
The other night, I left my girlfriend lying there on the bed, dripping wet, and suffering from blunt penetrating submersive trauma after doing her for over an hour!
by S.J. Friedman October 12, 2005
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A dangling participle is a wallet chain, cell phone headset cord, beeper leash, purse strap or other long slender device used to secure an object to a person.
A dangling participle is the "straps" that have the tendency to always get caught on another object when you least expect it to, often resulting in a humurous but humiliating yank in the opposite direction of travel (i.e.: getting out of a car, getting up from a desk, etc.).
by S.J. Friedman October 11, 2005
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A bzurp is the sound made when your press the lower half of your face into a part of someone's belly, ass cheeks, arm or any other body part with large surface mass.

Also called a "raspberry".

The quality of the act of performing a bzurp is rated by the level of "bzurpage". The level of the volume made during the act, along with the duration are the benchmarks used to identify quality bzurpage.
That girl has mad bzurpage. I bzurped her so good, it sounded like an Oprah Winfrey chili dog fart!
by S.J. Friedman October 12, 2005
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