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A method of persuasion that works as well on Earth between Star Wars Fans as it does in the greater Galactic Empire. SW fans will go against their better judgment to participate in the trick.

True Story:

Video Store Clerk: I see you are renting Episode I.
Renter: You will not charge us for this rental.
Video Store Clerk: I will not charge you for this rental.
Renter: And you will waive our late fee from last week.
Video Store Clerk: I will waive your late fee from last week.
Another True Story:

Officer: Do you mind telling me where the fire is?
Speeder: I'm trying to get to the opening of Episode III.
Officer: Then I can understand your hurry, but you really need to slow down.
Speeder (waving hand): You will not write me a ticket.
Officer: I will not write you a ticket.
Speeder: You will thank me for wearing my seatbelt.
Officer: Thank you for wearing your seatbelt.
Speeder: I can go about my business.
Officer: You can go about your business.
Speeder: Move along.
Officer: Move along.
by S. W. F. June 03, 2005

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A component of all living cells. A person's midichlorian count influences their ability to use The Force.
Ever notice that the word Midichlorian is remarkably close to the word Mitochondria, which is known as the powerhouse of the cell?
by S. W. F. June 03, 2005

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