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When you walk into a bathroom after someone has just taken a terrible shit and it smells completely disgusting. You now "Own it". That smell belongs to you even though you didn't produce it. If someone sees you leaving the bathroom they are going to assume you did it. It's not even worth explaining, just except the fact that it now belongs to you.
I went to the bathroom at work this morning after someone had just taken a horrible shit. In leaving I passed a co-worker who naturally thought I produced that smell. But now he is going to "Own it".

The same rule applies when plunging out someone else's "Log Jam" - some asshole who plugged up the toilet just before you walked in. You now own that one too!
by S. S. D. November 2, 2009
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When a person (usually a man) soaks up a womans emotional bad day by listening to her problems.
After listening to my girlfriend bitch about her problems all afternoon I felt like a human tampon.
by S. S. D. November 15, 2007
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Stupid gibberish talk, dumb-ass chatter, talking for the sake of talking even if they have nothing to say or anything productive to add to the conversation. Babbling idiots will also talk to themselves if no one else is around or if they are being ignored.
Our new person is a babbling idiot, she talks like she has just won the word lottery. She has nothing to say and seldom makes sense BUT JUST HAS TO KEEP ON FUCKING TALKING!!!
by S. S. D. September 24, 2008
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A bitchy, catty, turncoat woman. Someone who will rat you out or be a total rude bitch without giving it a second thought. Someone who spreads rumors. A girl who would steal your great idea at work and present it to the boss as if it were her own idea.
Jenny was such a snotty girl when she told the cute guy at the bar I had herpes.
by S. S. D. March 13, 2008
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My woman was becoming a bit unsettled so I gave her THE TRUTH. She is now feeling better and more grounded. She is back to her regular self.
by S. S. D. June 3, 2009
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When a person (usually a woman and common with receptionists) won't shut the fuck up and have to speak just for the sake of speaking. The fact that they have nothing productive to say will not stop them. They have to talk like they just won the lottery - the word lottery that is. They will babble to themselves, make inaudible sounds, start stupid conversations that make no sense, ask questions that have no answers, use fake English accents etc... They spend words like they won't be on the planet tomorrow. You fantasize of killing yourself (or them) just to get some peace.
She just keeps on babbling like a complete moron. Did she just win the word lottery? Does she have to spend every fucking word she owns today? Will she just shut up and save something for another day?
by S. S. D. June 8, 2009
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