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A friend who stops by your house for the soul purpose of taking a shit.
Example: Pulling a dive bomber attack, Joe dropped by my house
just to take a shit.
by Ryan Seal April 11, 2007

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Definition 1: The practice or act of being a bum ass son of a bitch who never brings anything to the table. Such as pot, beer....etc.

Definition 2: The act or practice of being a wraith (see wraith).
Example 1: Man, why don't you quit practicing that wraithism and bring some of your own shit.

Example 2: That dirty bumb needs to stop that wraithism.
by Ryan Seal April 10, 2007

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Whenever a guy cums in a girls mouth then punches her in the nose resulting in a mixture of blood and semen, which apparently resembles the filling of a jelly donut.
Person 1: You get that dirty slut back yet?

Person 2: Hell yeah, served that bitch a jelly donut.
by Ryan Seal April 10, 2007

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Definition 1: Excessive or extreme laughter resulting primarily from the use
of marijuana, or any other mind expanding drugs.

Definition 2: Any form of marijuana, which is usually quality shit, that forces a person into bursts of laughter.
Example 1: Man that was some geek ass bud.

Example 2: That shit made me geek so hard.
by Ryan Seal April 10, 2007

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