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Pronounced; Tech-Home Syndrome

Stockholm syndrome;
...is a psychological state in which the victims of a kidnapping, or persons detained against their free will – prisoners – develop a relationship and acceptance of/with their captor(s).

Whereas, Techolm Syndrome is a common state most of us suffer from, where we genuinely do accept, and build up a tolerance for, the faults and unnecessary rituals of our modern technology.
Guy 1: What are you doing with your mobile phone?

Guy 2: Oh, it's a little weird, I have to lick the battery twice and rub the screen against my elbow, otherwise the call won't go through. I'm used to it.

Guy 1: Dude, you have Techolm Syndrome.
by Russell Bishop September 09, 2007

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... is when a guy and a girl are very good friends, and extremely close, spending most of their time together. Eventually, the girl says "I think I love you", or in some way tries to make the relationship a physical one, and the guy simply doesn't feel about her that way, because he "Thinks of her as a sister."

Hence: The Sister Syndrome
Girl: Listen, Guy, I think I want to make our relationship between us a romantic one, I want to be more than just friends.

Guy: Ew! Sorry hun, I think we've got a case of Sister Syndrome!
by Russell Bishop May 09, 2007

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The rate at which you pour a fizzy drink from it's bottle to a glass, so that the level at the top of the bubbles doesnt change, but the ammount of liquid increases up the glass. This technique takes time, skill, and dedication, but in the end, leaves you with the satisfactory ability to say "I mastered the Anti-Bubble Rate".
1: Dude, did you just do what I think you did?

2: Oh, you mean pour at The Anti-Bubble Rate? Yup, can't you?

1: *Faints*
by Russell Bishop March 26, 2007

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An epidemic based on the internet (virus break-outs, spam-bots etc.)
Geek 1: Man my site been hit up by spam-bots so many times this week.

Geek 2: Well what can we say, it's a webbidemic
by Russell Bishop July 13, 2008

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A "Neck-Down-Hottie". A girl who's hot from the neck down, usually signifying a great body, but not such a pleasantly scrumptious mug.
Guy 1: Woah, look over there, what a fit chick!
Guy 2: Nah man, look on the mug on her! She's just a Nadottie.
Guy 1: I still would.
Guy 2: Amen!
by Russell Bishop April 08, 2007

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To "Skrimp" is to save money. Skrimping is to spell the smallest of small ammounts, 'skrimping for every penny', usually when you're saving for something.
A) You coming out tonight bruv, it's my birthday!
B) Sorry blood, I'm skrimping.
A) Ah. :
by Russell Bishop February 27, 2007

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