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Mixed Martial Arts. A sport in which competitors spar on a soft mat using safe techniques from various modified combat systems. The most well known MMA promotion is The UFC, which was originally formed in the early 90's by Rorion Gracie to bring in business for his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu dojo. Although it was originally marketed as a "No holds barred" tournament with no weight classes & limited rules, The UFC eventually sold out and repackaged itself as a polished safe sport in which high school jocks could compete for shiny belts. Techniques consist of elevated TRT levels, cauliflower ears & dementia pugilistica.
Joe: Man did you see the MMA on the weekend? How about that Omoplata that Diaz used?.
Jim: Yeah it was nice, good thing there was no one there to kick him in the head when he pulled guard.
by Runner, Sydney Cop November 26, 2013

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Rock band from California. Often mistaken as a "Punk" band. NOFX are a handful of men in their mid-forties that have been making the same record since the late 80's. Rumor has it that the bands records emit a brainwashing ray that transforms impressionable middle class teens into quasi-political self labelled "Punks". The band, known for their hatred of religion and big business, are a cornerstone of the corporate sponsored music festival scene (along with their christian buddies good charlotte). Also known for their mature lyrical style, the bands songs cover a multitude of important issues such as.."A guy that rides a scooter", & "Jesus getting drunk". Always one to play an active role in promoting free thought, the lead singer & bass player "Fat mike" started a website known as Punkvoter in which he tells his followers who they should vote for and why.
Joe: "Man, you coming to the NOFX tent, i need a new shirt"
Jim: Is that Penny Rimbaud?
by Runner, Sydney Cop November 26, 2013

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