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People who go on Habbo who dress up like a baby and talk with too many w's in their words. Hang around Adoption Centres looking for a (preferably) HC rich 'mwummy' or 'dwaddy'. Sad losers with no lives.


HAIR: Girls: Two pigtails

Boys: BALD.

TOP: Hoodie, ANY colour. Please don't ask WHY they wear a hoodie.
BOTTOMS: Shorts or a miniskirt
SHOES: Bunny slippers

I usually deal with them by

a) being incredibly mean to them in the adoption centre or b) being all nice in the adoption centre, taking them home and torturing them.

NOTE: Do NOT attempt to comprehend the Habbo Baby language without an expert at hand.
EXAMPLE A) (See above)
Habbo Baby: -TwoddleshOverTwoohPwettyWadyAndSmwilesh-
Me: -steals shoes, bangs baby's head on the wall and slaps-
Habbo Baby: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -Cwies Icklesh Hweart Out-
Me:Get a life, loser
(Then I get banned from the room. Oh well-its worth it >:) haha)

Example b)

Habbo Baby: Hewwosh
Me: Oh hi hunny!
Habbo Baby: Will woo adwoptesh mwe?
Me: Of course!Accept friend request.
Habbo Baby: Yay!
Me: -shaves ur hair off-
Habbo Baby: waa ur hurting mwee :(
Me: Shut up! -cuts a slit in ur leg-
Me: Pathetic! -slaps-
Habbo Baby: Mwummy I hwave swomefing twooh twell wooh, and its swo swad I dwont knwow hwow twooh sway it :'O
Me: What?
Habbo Baby: I dwont wantesh twooh bweeh wur chwild any mwore:'( Bwecwause wu hwurt mwe and bweeh mween twooh mwe :'(
Me: SAD!?!?!? That's the best news all day! Good riddance! -craps on u and chucks u in2 da gutter with all the green slime-

These experiences actually HAPPENED to me,believe it or not! Stupid habbo baby noobs
by Run away-it's me! May 23, 2009
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