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Slang for a Hearse. The term was coined in reference to Pickering in North Yorkshire.

Due to the town's aging population the death rate appears abnormally high and as such students will frequently see "pickering taxis" driving around the streets on their lunch break.
Pickering is so full of old people every other vehicle is a pickering taxi.
by Rude McDude July 04, 2010

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Someone who gives very specific instructions regarding how their tea should be made, many tea fascists will simply insist on making their own tea because no one else "gets it right".
Do you have milk and sugar in your tea?

Just leave it, I'll add the milk. I'm a bit of a tea fascist!
by Rude McDude August 20, 2010

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An attention-seeking act where a person uses facebook to announce something of significant personal importance such as an engagement, pregnancy or even the death of a loved one.

In many cases people will deliberately withhold the news in conversations with friends so as to not reduce the sensationalism of their announcement.

This is totally gay.
Facebook: **** **** is engaged to ***** ******
Sophie: OMG congrats xxxxx
Jenny:OMGZ that's soooo great xxx
Me: How come you didn't mention that yesterday when we spent the day together? Facebombing?
by Rude McDude June 21, 2010

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Something to be shouted at hot young mothers when seen pushing a pram around town.

Naughty for getting pregnant accidentally.
Naughty for wasting her potential as a tidy bird.
Naughty for ruining her fanny at such an early age.
Guy 1: "Hey isn't that Natalie from school pushing that pram?"
Guy 2: "She used to be fit"
Guy 1: "NAUGHTY!"
by Rude McDude July 07, 2010

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