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A variation on the derogatory term maggot, pronounced with a French accent. Used to describe a person of unsavoury or disreputable character.
I have just come to realise that Alan Didak is a complete majjoe.
by Roy's Tours July 26, 2006
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A euphemism for the word exactly. Abbreviation derived from the full expression "Ed Zachary".
Question: So there are 365 days in a non-leap year?
Answer: ed.z
by Roy's Tours July 24, 2006
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Generally used as an adjective to describe a poor performance or an unfavourable outcome. A derivative of the Australian Rules Football player Alan Didak who is much loathed by an army of non-Collingwood supporters.
"How did your team go on the weekend?...No good - they were didak"
by Roy's Tours August 02, 2005
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