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A certain individual, primarily a man, that attracts gay men. Usually because the said individual is a fag himself.
Every time Landon goes out he always ends up taking some guy home with him. He has turned out to be quite the fag magnet!
by Roy Caceras January 30, 2009

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A mythical, legendary knite from the 13th century who would defeat his enemies with his immense ejaculations. Legend has it that he fathered over 1000 children throughout Europe over the span of 30 years. Women would travel hundreds of miles just to collect some of his precious baby batter.
After defeating Clitoris Maximus and his mighty army of Cockadonia at the battle of Cum Creek, Sir Landon the Jizzheart mounted his noble steed. While doing so he felt so aroused and triumphant that he released the most immense load of nut butter that it busted through his body armor and shot straight up in the air! As the semen fell to the ground it surrounded Jizzheart and his steed and formed into what appeared to be the shape of a giant heart. As the local towns women came to collect the jizz they realized that it was stuck to the ground and would never come off. Jizzheart knew this was his last battle and would then leave his mark for all eternity. And thus the legend of Sir Landon the Jizzheart was born!
by Roy Caceras February 04, 2009

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