2 definitions by Rotten Bobby

1. Expression used when experiencing a success or favorable outcome.

2. Used in place of the answer "Yes".

Pronounced by creating a long, high pitched whine while dragging out the last syllable, "Fack yeaaaughhh... "
"Wanna eat a bunch of fuckingah carbs and swedish fish on Friday at the studio? Fuckah.... yahhh...."

"Wanna fuckah? Fuckkkk. yah. (remember the whine)"

"My butthole is tingling. Fuck yah (whispered)"

"Fuck yah ? Fuck yah."

"What did the banana say to the vibrator? Fuck yah"

"Will you fart on my hand? Fuck yah"
by Rotten Bobby April 24, 2019
An expression used when effeminate men sip delicious lattes.
by Rotten Bobby April 23, 2019