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Joelle the hottest girl alive , damm this girl is the face everyone wants she has the boys chasing after her, she is very confident and bubbly , Joelle gets along with everyone let’s just say she is like the kind popular girl with lots of team spirit .She is amazing at sport and loves taking part in everything

Let’s just say when it comes to Joelle she is amazing in all the ways you can think yeah I mean all

She is very talented with fashion let’s just daily she catches your eye

She is very sweet and family and friends always come first for her she is usually a animal lover

She is the future

And let me warn you she is sweet to everyone but don’t mess with her
Joelle always catches the guys attention no matter how old but don’t get her wrong she doesn’t play all your. Fuck boy games
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by Rose gold mermaid March 05, 2018

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Veneca is a beautiful young lady ,with a bright future , she always catches the boys attentions, and let me just say her body with make you drop dead .But if you have veneca as a friend you are very lucky she is a keeper

But she can be a little clumsy and only a few people under stand her

Ow and it is said that she should never date someone who’s name starts with a (T )

Veneca has amazing fashion sense and a fabulous butt
Veneca means Beautiful clouds on a summer day or a beautiful African bonfire
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by Rose gold mermaid March 05, 2018

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