3 definitions by Rookie boi

A human of the male variety who constantly makes decisions based on his female partners influence. No matter how many times 'mates before dates' or 'bro's before ho's' is mentioned, the offender is still whipped by his bitch.
Oh Man, Taylor is such a pussy whipped bitch that he has to leave the pool tournament early to drive Megan to work!
by Rookie boi August 20, 2014
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A generic moniker for any creepy old man who you suspect as being a paedophile.

Typical characteristics include (but not limited to) making a deep grunt whenever kids are nearby, creeping around school gates, carrying a packet of Werthers Original, and the occasional ass fucking of young boys.
Yo bro, why didn’t you turn up at my kick ass bbq yesterday.

Awww man, I had my kids with me and I didn’t want Simon creeping round them. He is such a fucking Paedo Jones
by Rookie boi July 2, 2018
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When you are so shit at your job and too lazy to fucking work, simply reply to your work colleagues that you will ‘look into it’ when in reality you will do fuck all about it
Yo Simon, I asked you to fix that fucking door. Now it has fell off and squashed a child. What the duck you gonna do about it

Hey man, quit sweating. I’ll look into it
by Rookie boi June 30, 2018
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