3 definitions by Ron Tacandong

Someone who's dick is so small, when they pee, they piss on their balls.
Girl #1: How was that guy you hooked up with last night?
Girl #2: We got back to my place, but the sex was terrible, he was a total ball-pisser.
Girl#1: That small!?!?!!

Guy: Let's take this back to my room.
Girl: Alright.
(The two enter the room)
Guy: I have to warn you though, I'm a total ball-pisser.
Girl: I'm sure its not that small, show me.
(guy pulls down pants)
Girl: Hahahahahaha!!!!
Guy: You don't have to laugh, it's not that small.
Girls: YES IT IS!!!
by Ron Tacandong April 14, 2014
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The face you make when you ejaculate/cum.
I looked a mirror while I was fapping right before I came, and when my shit came out, saw my war face.

I was fapping in my office, at my desk, then my boss started walking in as soon as I came. I kept stroking it out because he couldn't see my whole arm, but my war-face was still up. I told I had a sneeze cumming on, but I don't think he bought it.
by Ron Tacandong April 14, 2014
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Guy: So where you going to college?
Tool: Wake Forest

Guy: That place is a toolshed.
Tool: Yeah! I know! I hit the jackpot.
by Ron Tacandong May 09, 2014
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