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The act of a male pleasuring a female orally, while also pleasuring her by means of inserting his metacarpals into her vaginal cavity. This act may either be appreciated by the female, or cause her to think that if the male's metacarpals AND tongue are both inserted into her vagina, why does he not just insert his entire body!
Mmmmmmmm there's nothing better than the fingermuck!
by Rockefellar Skank November 08, 2010

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When your reality is so inexplicably fucked, you then refer to the circumstance as messed manfred.
I walked into my bedroom and caught my mom using my dildo on my dog, that's so messed manfred, man.
by Rockefellar Skank October 19, 2014

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The miraculous jig performed upon discovering that you will indeed "get laid." This results in exceeding excitation causing one's penis or clitoris to become engorged. The Pre - Slam Jam can be performed to one's favourite or horniest song. This dance can include your hottest club scene moves, (i.e. the Charleston), performed in hopes of further engorging thy partner's genitalia. Clothing is optional.
Partner 1: OMG Justin I haven't seen you in sooooo looooonnnnng (excessive kissing and genitalia rubbing)

Justin: Hold on a sec, this is my first time, let me go grab my viagra so I can keep it up, turn on some Marvin Gaye......and LET'S GET IT ON!!!!

Partner 1: Do that sexy dance you did earlier on that male stripper Justin!!!

Justin: Imma hop to it, PRE - SLAM JAM IT ISSSSSSS!!!!!!!
by Rockefellar Skank December 08, 2010

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The conscious or semi-unconscious drunken experience of being "shot the wad" all over your body (much like jumping into a pool of KY jelly), all the while being frosted like a cake by someone who resembles a snowman. This leaves you with a new nick name for your partner "Froster the Snowman"
Female: "Hey Froster the Snowman!"
Male: "Mo mo, why are you calling me that?"
Female: "Oh, simply because you shot your wad all over me, AND because you look like a snowman!"
Male: "Hahahaha oh yeah, I forgot we already discussed this!"
by Rockefellar Skank November 05, 2010

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