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An Adjective. The word "Britaboo" is the
same as Weaboo and Koreaboo, but instead Britaboos are people who are a disgrace to the British culture.
They think all British people talk fancy and just say 'mate', 'cheerio' 'blimey', 'oh my giddy-aunt'
This adjective is made for people who fake their culture and make fun of the British accent.

Britaboos are people who fake their culture, who are a British wannabee and make fun of the culture, mimic the accent and disrespect the culture too, these people are mostly idiots who just want to piss you off, if you are a British and if there is a person who is not a British and they find out your nationality, they will just annoy you with a fake British accent. These people act like they love the culture, but in reality, they are mocking it, Britaboos are just retarded losers who just want attention only because they are "British" apparently.
Britaboo: "Omg I love your accent, where are you from!"
British: "Oh, you do, well I'm from the UK."
Britaboo: "Oh so you're British? Wow! Haha...
Britaboo: *uses fake British accent* "Hi, I'm a Brit-ish and this is how awwllll Brit-ish people taulk, I am soooo weurdd!"
by Rock Starla December 23, 2018
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