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Someone who watches way too much porn.
When you are watching a really fucked up movie because you've seen it all, and you recognize the horse from another movie.
by Rocco Sifredi April 16, 2003

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- A phrase equivilent to the middle finger. An insult, to make fun of, usually meaning 'you suck', to point fun of someone's looks or appearance. Mostly used a friendly gesture to make fun of a friend in a non-demeaning manner.
- Also can be used by placing your palm under someone's chin and saying 'Your face...It reeks'
Example 1 :
Friend 1 - 'Hey Guys, you like my new shirt?'
Friend 2 - 'Tim it's an extra small, your face'

Example 2 :
'Dude, you're playing too slow, you're emo...your face...It reeks'
by Rocco Sifredi November 01, 2003

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On the phone
annoyingAIMbuddy: What are you doing?

PopularDude: otp
by Rocco Sifredi July 22, 2003

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