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Lady Gaga is loved and hated. The people that hate her say she is fake and her voice is computerized but if you listen to Poker Face(which is thesong poeple put down the most) in accoustic version you can hear how amazing her voice really is. Look it up anywhere youtube,google,yahoo, wherever. Just Dance accoustic sounds not perfect but she is moving around so much or maybe it's just not a good song for her to sing. I personally love her because she is different, not because Perez does I don't follow that crap. Lady Gaga is out there and amazing. That is my opinion though. If you don't like her don't listen to her music. Simple as that. Don't look her up,change the radio station just don't be putting her down you don't like something then don't look for it. It just show you have nothing better to do.
Look up "Lady Gaga Live" and decide if you love her or hate her.
by Robin_BG? July 24, 2009
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